In Post Production


After becoming infatuated with her handsome African-American co-worker, Raff, Shelly awakes inner doubt that she might be racist. Her best friend Buck’s game of “racism test” makes things even worse.
Against all odds, she manages to get over herself and she asks Raff to dinner. The date goes well and they end up in her place.
But then Shelly remembers she had separated her black pregnant fish from the rest of the goldfish. Her mind fills up with questions and her mouth fills up with her feet.

Screenplay by: Cathy Kostova, adapted from “Extras”, by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant
Cast: Anna Walker, Christian Noble, Cody Brown
Film Genre: Comedy
Length: 12 minutes

In Development

My Home is Your Home
So Happy to have had the chance to collaborate with Catherine Somers, Shermin Hassan, Jeff Schell, Panji Kaonga and Douglas Igben on this teaser for a short film in development. The subject is around homelessness and depression. Heavy topics, important to be discussed, plus I’m looking at inputting comedy elements in the longer film.



In Her Body

After Mel, an overweight woman stuck in a loveless and childless marriage swaps bodies with a trainer, as part of the latest fitness program, she and her husband, Ben, struggle with doubts and forbidden desire while finding love for the second time.

Written by: Cathy Kostova
Length: Feature Script (Treatment and Script available upon request)

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In Her Body (Official Teaser) from Cathy Kostova on Vimeo.

Green Is Grey

Written by: Cathy Kostova
Film Genres: Drama
Length: 7 minutes

Short Synopsis: Moyra struggles in a world where eating healthy is not an option.

Falling Star

Written by: Cathy Kostova, adapted from “The Little Matchseller”, by H. C. Andersen
Storyboards: LaToya Debrew
Film Genres:
Drama, Mystery
Length: 8 minutes
Target Audience: Family

Short Synopsis: Lena is a 13 year-old working girl with a dream of becoming a famous singer. On Christmas Eve, she is kicked out on the streets, by her pimp. She must turn tricks and get some cash before she can go back inside.
Hungry and tired, she wanders aimlessly in the freezing cold, not being able to get anyone’s attention or good will.
Until she finds a box of magical matchsticks…

Eggs Relationship

Written by: Cathy Kostova
Film Genres: Comedy, Romance
Length: Short
Target Audience: Family


Written by: Cathy Kostova
Film Genres: Adventure, Action
Length: Feature




Finding Light

Written by: Cathy Kostova; Story by: Cathy Kostova and Caroline McAuley
Film Genres: Drama, Thriller, Christian
Length: Feature
Target Audience: Family

Tag-line: In the course of one night, Eugene has to learn to tackle his inner fears, become a man, save a life and take care of the ones who used to take care of him.