Lilly’s London

Lilly explores London! Equipped with knowledge of symbols and history, she sets out to uncover the unique secretes of her city and its people. This series will uncover the hidden details of a world class city and the incredible people that make it a place of unique calibre. Follow Lilly on her journey, sleuthing through the boroughs of London.


Produced by: Astrobox Media

The Good Ones are Always Taken

  Josh is haunted by night terrors after his wife’s death. Renée, a host of his favourite radio station, wants to help him and bring him closer to her. But who is she really? And what does help mean in her world?

Written, Directed & Edited by: Cathy Kostova
Cast: Diana Lawrence, Richard Mark
Length: 12 minutes

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Password: GOAT

Funeral Parlour Play

  Samuel White is receiving condolences for his wife’s passing at a funeral parlour, when an odd young girl approaches him with a mission of her own.

Directed & Edited by:
Cathy Kostova
Written by: Christopher Durang
Produced by: Catherine Radbourne
Cast: Isi Adeola and Shenine Rajkarunanauke
Length: 11 minutes
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Best Friends Forever

Few days before Valentine’s, Nat still doesn’t have a date. Her best friend Mike goes through unexpected jumps and hoops to help her out finding one. This adventure makes them re-evaluate their friendship.

Directed by: Cathy Kostova
Written by: Alasdair Mackay
Cast: Hester Ruoff; Conner Mckenzy
Length: 17 minutes

Produced by: Ray of Dreams, The Reel Mackay; Kay Productions
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Presented in the Short Film Corner – Cannes Film Festival – 15-26 May 2013

Best Friends Forever (Screener)

Interview with the director Cathy Kostova. In Bulgarian, English captions available:

Fox – Short Film based on the viral Music Video “What Does the Fox Say”

  Short Film Inspired by the famous Ylvis music video

Cast (in order of appearance):
Dartanyin Hawkins – Young Fox
Laura Young – Young Fox’s mom
Cheryl Graffo – Fox’s mom
Nathan C Andreasen – Fox

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Cathy Kostova
DP: Andy Siravanta
Assistant PD and slate: Samantha Norman
Boom operators: Genevieve Hawkins & Robert Minette; Grip: Bruny Telfort; PA: Yinuo Li

New Sound Design on WindMills

  Sound Design by: Cathy Kostova
Music by: De Wolfe Music
Original version directed by: Guillaume Bergère, Guillaume Coudert, Maria Glinyanova, Bruno Guerra, Charlotte Jammet.